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Retirement of Dr Jackson

Dr Jackson has now left the Acorn Group Practice and NHS

After 30 years working as an NHS doctor and with 26 years spent at The Acorn Group Practice, Dr Neil Jackson will retire (and leave the profession) at the end of September 2021. The existing Partners (Dr Barbara Christie and Dr Branko Momic) will remain, as will all the other doctors and staff who currently work at the Practice.  Dr Barbara Christie will become the new Senior Partner. Other than the absence of Dr Jackson, the public will notice no change at all in the service they receive, because the management and functions of the Practice will continue unaltered.


Dr Jackson said

“As many of you will know, I first joined the NHS in 1979 as a hospital porter. You might say I worked my way up the organisation. In the 42 years since I joined the NHS, there have been many advances in medicine, but other fundamental tenets of public service have remained unchanged.  I became a Partner at The Acorn Group Practice in 1995 so I know very well that the enduring ethos of the wider NHS has always been central to our Practice; offer the best possible care, free to all at the point of delivery.

I have no doubt that The Acorn Group Practice will continue to hold itself to this exacting standard because I am absolutely confident in the leadership of Barbara Christie and Branko Momic who will ensure that it does. I know that all of my friends at the Practice, the whole team, will continue with the amazing work that they do, in exactly the same way as they do now, once I have gone.  I know that I will continue to be deeply proud of the ongoing work done by all at The Acorn Group Practice.

In  the 26 years that I have been a Partner, I have had the wonderful privilege of being involved in the lives of so many of the citizens of Twickenham and I have developed a love of our corner of South West London which will support me into what I hope will be a long, but certainly happy, retirement.  I shall undoubtedly miss working as a doctor, but there is a big, wide world out there and I shall surely fill my days.  I thank everyone I have known over the years for the profound trust that they have placed in me and I shall remain forever humbled that they have, on so many occasions, let me into their lives.”

August 2021






Practice Mission statement

We understand the central role of education and believe that we must use this tool in order to provide the highest standard of care for our patients. We therefore consider it our mandate to advise you on preventative issues necessary to maintain your health. We also understand that you want the doctors and nurses who look after you to keep motivated and up to date with medical developments. We are determined to do so through an education programme which encourages every level of our organisation.

We also believe that you deserve the best representation in local health politics and have always had a deliberately high profile in securing the best for our patients at that level.

But most of all we understand that you want to feel free to discuss your concerns with us in a private and unhurried environment. We realise that you want to feel heard and respected. We like to think of medicine as a genuine partnership in which you will play a key role and where we will offer individual advice based on the best knowledge available.

Our mission is to provide our patients with readily available medical care of the highest standard whilst encouraging them to show responsibility for their health. We aim to do this in a friendly and helpful environment and to ensure that partners and staff achieve both their personal and their professional goal.



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