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Accident And Emergency

The nearest hospital Accident and Emergency Departments are at:

West Middlesex Hospital
Twickenham Road
020 8560 2121

Kingston Hospital
Galsworthy Road
020 8546 7711

Health Screening

We encourage all patients to take advantage of the excellent screening facilities offered by the practice.

0 – 5 Child development checks
40 – 74 Well person screening checks
75 – plus Screening checks

Please check with the receptionist if you wish to make an appointment for screening.

Information Leaflets

DSS and general leaflets are available. Please ask any member of staff if you need help in finding the information you require.


The practice is sometimes approached by medical bodies to participate in clinical trials. If you do not wish to be approached please let reception know.

Patient Participation Group

The practice includes this group which meets every two months. If you wish to find out more or have any comments/suggestions you would like the practice to be aware of, please contact the practice manager, or click here for more information.

Health Help Now – developed by the Richmond General Practice Alliance (RGPA)

Patients with a smart phone or tablet with internet access can download a new ‘Health Help Now’ app which is available online and free to everyone who lives in the Borough of Richmond. It functions like a mobile phone app and helps people check their symptoms, finds the best place for treatment at any time and advises when to go to A&E.

It also breaks down symptoms by age – baby, child, teenager, adult and older adult. This is to make it easier to find the right treatment in the quickest time. Health Help Now, which can also be accessed by desktop and laptop computers, provides helpful advice – such as where to buy children’s medication when pharmacies are closed – and links to other useful websites.

Download the app now at:


The practice is fully computerised and we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Insurance, BUPA Forms

The doctors charge BMA rates for any documents, eg BUPA forms you may wish them to complete.

Please check with the receptionist for the amount you will have to pay. All documents will be left at reception for collection.

Death Certificates

The law requires a doctor to notify the cause of death of any patient whom he or she has seen in the last 14 days or attended during that patient’s last illness to the Registrar of Births and Deaths/ coroner. The doctor is required to notify the cause of death as a certificate, on a form prescribed, stating to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, the cause of death.

The doctors will endeavour to issue death certificate as soon as possible depending on individual circumstances. If the doctor has not seen the patient within 14 days, then they may not be able to issue a certificate and they may need to inform the coroner.

Cremation Forms

Cremation forms, unlike death certificates, require doctors to make certain investigations which do not form part of their NHS duties. This will take up to 7 working days depending on circumstances but we endeavour to facilitate this as soon as possible. In order for this to happen, the doctor must have seen or treated the patient in the last 14 days.

A deceased person cannot be cremated until the cause of death is definitely known and properly recorded. Before cremation can take place two certificates need to be signed, one by the GP (if seen patient in the last 14 days) and one by another doctor independent to the first GP. These two certificate are known as Form 4 and Form 5.

Cremation form 4 must be, as stated, completed by the registered medical practitioner who attended the deceased during their last illness.

Form 5 must be completed by a registered medical practitioner who is neither a partner nor a relative of the doctor who completed form.

A fee can be charged for the completion of both forms 4 and 5 as this does not form part of a doctor’s NHS duties.

For more useful information please visit:

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