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Please find below an example of patient comments drawn from our Friends & Family platform,website contact, NHS Choices & Google reviews……….

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“I have contacted the surgery three times in the past month for a continuing problem. Each time I have been able to speak to a doctor the same morning. They are friendly and supportive, listen carefully and discuss things with me” 11/04/2022

“Elizabeth at reception was amazing with helping with my query. I’ve had receptionists at this practice previously be condescending, short and seemingly not bothered to make any effort. However Elizabeth was great, she took the extra steps needed to resolve my admin issue and provided extra information in case I need it in the future.” 08/04/2022

“Acorn is a shining beacon in the NHS. The GP’s are knowledgeable,kind and experienced.The admin staff are helpful and empathetic and the phlebotomist is so kind and cheery . One doctor in particular takes a very considered approach ensuring the best care in an often very pressurised environment ( quite a skill) It can be difficult to get an appointment but it is worth the wait.” 05/04/2022

“The people at this surgery are outstanding. So kind, friendly and professional” 31/03/2022

“Got a phone call same morning. Dr Harrington was very very good. It feels like she cares about her patients and that you are not just a statistic.” 15/03/2022

“Dr Momic and Anna (receptionist) are amazing. We have known Dr Momic for decades and he is the best GP we have ever known.” 14/03/2022

“Fabulous Surgery. I needed urgent treatment and an urgent referral. ALL the staff from admin and reception to the doctors were incredibly helpful. Can’t recommend the Acorns enough. THANK YOU” 12/03/2022

“Just want to say how great the two Physicians Associates are , I have had appointments with bith Zain and Marianna and both times they were helpful and professional.Also to the really helpful Receptionist ( on the phone) who sorted me out an appointment at short notice. Thank You” 03/03/2022

“Reception pleasant. See a doctor on request. Always caring and helpful” 24/02/2022

“Dr Christie is very professional and attentive addressed my issues and came back with a step forward” 23/02/2022

‘Because of the Covid restrictions its not a good time to compare. However, whenever I’ve used the practice, whether for Covid jab, telephone consultation, face to face consultation or as today for blood pressure check, with Jennifer, the staff have always been friendly reassuring, helpful, willing to take the time to explain anything I questioned and apologetic if they couldn’t see me on time. ( I think they’re usually late because they’re giving such a good attentive service to each patient that they inevitably over run the limited time the powers that be unrealistically think is practical)” 22/02/2022

“Dr. Momic gave me the results of my recent X-rays end explained what I have to do and how I can react. I am very pleased with his service which was excellent. Thank you” 14/02/2022

“Brilliant Dr, Y Harrington. So caring when it’s needed” 08/02/2022

“Got the appointments easily, call back from Dr n explanation of results was clear n action taken promptly” 04/02/2022

“The phlebotomist that I see when I have my appointments is fantastic – she’s quick, efficient, took necessary steps to ensure I didn’t bleed out due to my low platelet count which I advised her about – the lady is very friendly and professional and I enjoyed the whole experience – there was no delay and I was able to sit down and have my blood taken without waiting” 03/02/2022

”I would be grateful if you could distribute this message to Drs. Christie, Gardiner, Harrington and Momic.XXX and I have always been grateful for the outstanding service the Acorn Practice provides in all aspects of healthcare. I am prompted to write at this time to thank each and every member of the team at the Acorn Group Practice.Having tested positive for Covid last week and informing NHS Track and Trace, I was more than surprised to receive a phone call from Dr.Gardiner late on Friday evening offering to deliver an Oximeter. Subsequently, sometime after 7.00pm Dr.Harrington arrived and delivered the monitor. We were horrified to learn that Dr.Gardiner’s car had been vandalised, and yet the extraordinary service did not fail.This is but one example of our appreciation of the NHS in general and our outstanding Practice in particular. The ethos of care and the standard of service is evident in every aspect of your work.Our grateful thanks to you all for everything you do to support us, your patients, so well.Please feel free to share these comments as you feel appropriate.Thank you again”  31/01/2022

”Very good. Efficient appointment organised, positive feedback from the GP.” 15/01/2022

”Very good Wonderful, friendly and efficient nurse took my blood this morning. Thank you.” 13/01/2022

”Very good I managed to see a doctor at very short notice” 13/01/2022

“Dr Christie is brilliant: extensive knowledge, expertise and experience; extremely efficient and dedicated; always gives time and superb care to her patients.” 13/01/2022

”Can I just say how impressive and reassuring it was today to get a well-being call today after my positive covid test, advising me what to look out for. I’m not especially vulnerable but I greatly appreciate it- if I was in a vulnerable group I’m sure I would even more so. Thank you and well done” – 12/01/2022

“Friendly receptionist. Nice doctor and nurse.” 11/01/2022

“I had an appointment with Dr Jennifer Eades this morning. She was very very helpful and keen on giving advice and sorting out my requirements. I can not stress this enough how helpful she was.” 06/01/2022

“Given everything that’s going on, I’m very impressed with how quickly I got an appointment, and how quickly that initial telephone appointment led to a face to face one. The doctor had a great bedside manner even over the phone.” 05/01/2022














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