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Connecting your Care

Connecting Your Care: Improving how we use your information

What do we mean by “Connecting Your Care”?

We are improving the way we connect your care across south west London. Healthcare professionals will be able to access your records from other NHS services when you need them to. This makes it quicker and easier for you when you visit your GP or hospital.

We are working with the South West London Health and Care Partnership to bring together health and care services in south west London to improve the way information about you is shared. This means it is quickly and safely available to the health and care professionals who need to see it, to make better and quicker decisions about your care and treatment.

Health and care professionals will have access to a real-time electronic, read-only version of your important health or care information, which can be critical when assisting you in an emergency.

Some services in south west London, such as hospitals and GP practices, have been sharing information in this way since 2019. From September 2020, even more organisations across south west London have been permanently adopting this way of sharing information.

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