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Non-urgent ultrasound provision in Richmond

Posted on January 2nd, 2024

We want to make you aware of a local change to non-urgent ultrasound services in the borough. In the past if you needed a non-urgent ultrasound appointment you may have been referred by your GP to the service at Cross Deep Surgery in Twickenham.

From 10 November, if you are referred for a non-urgent ultrasound appointment, you will now be seen at nearby Teddington Memorial Hospital or have the choice of an alternative provider.

This change is the result of increased diagnostic services available at Teddington Memorial Hospital over the last year and an ongoing review of contracts by NHS South West London.

Since the end of 2022, Kingston Hospital and Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare (HRCH) have been delivering additional diagnostic services, including non-urgent ultrasound appointments, from Teddington Memorial Hospital.

If you have a scan there it can be shared digitally with Kingston Hospital where consultant radiologists can view it and provide you with immediate advice.

This can reduce the need to have further diagnostic appointments if they think you need to be referred on for further care.

The increase in diagnostic services available at Teddington Memorial Hospital is part of the Government’s Community Diagnostic Centres programme, designed to speed up the diagnosis of conditions including cancer, heart and lung disease for all patients.


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